Saturday, December 1, 2007

Insight into the life of Tyler

I love Christmas time. I look forward to it every year. I love all the music, movies, parties, etc. Tyler has been making a list that is well over a mile long of everything he would like. It is so great because every time he wants something in the store I tell him to put it on his list. I get a get out of buying a toy free card all the time! It is really quite worth it. However, I recently told Tyler that he wouldn't be able to get all the toys because Santa can't bring everything. He immediately asked to talk to Grandma and Grandpa. Once he got them on the phone he so sweet and innocently asked if they could buy him all the toys. I swear he is such a manipulator!!!! This morning we were watching a home video of the boys when they were little. A clip came up of Tyler when he was littler and much more affected by his autism. He told me, Mommy you know why I was so sad there? I said why, he said, "I just wanted to get out of the crib." I know you are probably thinking that he couldn't possibly remember that far back but, believe me when I say my son can. He can remember intricate little details to things that happened years ago. This week he fell and hurt his bum. He asked for milk in a sippy cup. I brought it to him and he dropped his pants. I thought, okay I guess that works. He put the milk on his bum and used it as ice to help with the pain. The next morning Tyler asked me, "Mom you know why I love milk so much?" I said, no honey I don't. He said, "it makes my whole body feel better. It fixed my hurt bum and it makes me happy." If a cup of milk makes my little boy's whole body feel better and help him to feel more like himself than I will never deny him milk. There have been many occasions when I don't understand what is going on with my sweet little boy. I realized this week that with time I will understand him so much better in the years to come. I really look forward to hearing his reasoning. I would love nothing more than to better understand Tyler and help him on his life road. If I can make even one day easier on him I will have succeeded in being his mom. On a lighter note, I made my annual Christmas wreath this week. It was really fun. Talan is starting saying so many words. It is so wonderful to hear him say things like bubble, football, ball, vroom vroom, choo choo. I hope and pray the words continue to pour out of him.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What would you do for your kids????

As a parent you think that you would do anything for your child. If someone were to ask you, "Is there anything you wouldn't do for your child?" the answer most likely would be no, of course. Matt and I are here to challenge you. Yes, in fact we said we would do anything for our children and we have, believe me, we have. This week we had the pleasure of turning in a poop sample from Tyler. Just the thought of a poop sample should send a shiver up your spine because you know its a gross, stinky, mess. I think I can speak for myself as well as Matt when we say it is much, much, worse than you can even imagine. First, we had to get him to poop into a fry container. You know when you go to a fast food place and they give you a bunch of fries in a wide open mouthed half cup half plate container. Yes, we had to get him to poop into that. So, a movie, stickers, and one poop reward box checked later we now have poop in a fry container. You think, oh good its done. We have our poop sample and we can turn it in. Oh no my friend, it is just beginning. Matt chose the medical field so I dubbed him the poop scooper. Hey, if you choose something in any sort of medical field I feel you sign away your right to protest dealing with bodily fluids. So, with a spoon like you would get to taste test ice cream at an ice cream store, Matt got to fill two containers full of poop. Not only did it stink to high heaven, the smell stuck around all day! We quickly sealed it in our prepaid Fed Ex bag and overnighted it. Just think about the poor unknowing Fed Ex man that was carrying around poop all day and didn't even know it!! It was one of the nastiest experiences we have had to deal with to date. So, I ask you parents, Is there anything you wouldn't do for your children?????

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And Grandma Goes Down...............

I was at the doctor today for one of my millions of appointments every month and of course, like always, she wanted more blood work. Seriously, I am now just a walking pin cushion. I think I must have some sort of invisible sign that doctors can only see which says, Please take my blood, I'd love to give it. I briefly thought to myself, I should just wait till Thursday because no doubt, I will be giving another gallon after that doctor appointment. Then I thought better of it because of some of the things the doctor told me I thought today might be better. So, I get in the lab I am number 35. I wait my 15 - 20 minutes and am called back. I try to get friendly with the lab tech because I personally feel like if you are nice to them they tend to be nicer with their needle. She was so engrossed in telling me about how her teenage son was now having his 2nd child that she whipped a regular sized band aid on me and sent me off to pee in a cup. I was pushing Talan through the lobby in his stroller waiting for my turn in the restroom. I felt a cold brush of air and turned to look at what it was. I look over and my arm is gushing blood! Blood is dripping down my arm, fingers, bracelet and, into a little puddle on the ground. About the same instant this little old Grandma looks over from her chair, being even with the bloody mess, looks at me and faints. At this moment I don't know if I should move and create a bloody mess or if I should stay put. I start calling for help because I'm a mess and this poor Grandma is out cold. The receptionist comes out and shoes me into a room where they start hosing my arm down. Someone screams, "Get her baby!" It was all very dramatic and surreal at the same time. The Grandma woke up, she was fine. So after they practically cast my arm, they send me on my way. My doctor's appointment just got all the more interesting!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Packing popcorn is of the devil!

I have decided that packing popcorn is of the devil! We received a package in the mail that was packed with it. I walked away for no more than 1 minute and a natural disaster occurred. Popcorn everywhere. I know you are thinking oh that looks bad but really everywhere? YES!!! It was everywhere. It was in my bathroom sink. In all 3 bedrooms, not to mention the family room, dining room, kitchen, fridge,........... There is not one place that I looked that there was no popcorn. The stuff must have some sort of magical flying powers that I had no idea about because I have never, and I mean never, had such a mess on my hands. It has been 4 days. I have cleaned, hosted Thanksgiving, cleaned many times over, and still am finding it in my house. The person who thought of packing popcorn ought to be shot! I also thought I would post Tyler in his cute Thanksgiving day hat. He realized about 9 pm that was truly Thanksgiving. I got up at 3 the day after, got ready, and went to my annual shop till you drop morning. I guess it is called Black Friday. I had no idea till this year. All I know is there is nothing more exhilarating than going shopping at 5 in the morning with good friends or family. I went this year with my friends Ellen, and Jerusha. It was really fun. It is mornings like that, that make me really glad to have friends when I don't have family to go with. I have to say, I think Ellen was quite the trooper since she doesn't enjoy shopping at all during the Christmas season. This year people camped out overnight outside Best Buy, what do you say ladies??? Maybe next year.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Do you ever feel like life is living you instead of you living your life? I know that sounds really weird, but that is how I have felt the last few days. I received these beautiful roses from our new good friends The Arnold's. It really brightened my day and so I thought, I will put them on my blog and maybe they will brighten someone else's day as well. To the Arnold's, I say, THANK YOU!!! It is really comforting to know that people care about you. I bought some wrapping paper to start wrapping my Christmas presents and the boys have been beating Matt silly with it. That little Talan has quite the arm on him. I can't even think about what they will do once they open the light sabers we got them for Christmas. Matt better turn around and run now because he is about to get an eyeball popped out! My boys had a serious fight today, no doubt over who would get to play with the toy shopping cart first, or who would get get to stand on the step stool. Heaven forbid they want to do something different from each other. Well, the brawl started behind the rocking chair and when it ended and they came out, Talan had a black eye! Yes, that's right, my little fair haired child has a black eye. Don't feel too bad for him, quite seriously he is a little devil. I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner! We are getting really excited for the Holidays. Matt can't wait to play a little football on Thanksgiving. Supposedly, the rumor is that it is soft tackle football. So, he should have a shiner to match Talan in a matter of days. I really love holiday season. It isn't the gifts as much as the traditions, family, Christmas movies, food, etc. I'm not allowed per King Matthew the ruler over the Mower household to watch Christmas movies till the day after Thanksgiving. I sneak movies for the boys, but, I am looking forward to watching my Christmas movies. Well, that's about all I have for today. Let's think warm thoughts, maybe tomorrow won't be so cold.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Head to Head with the Mafia

If you know anything about Boston, or the surrounding areas, you would swear that not only is the mafia alive and real, its everywhere. We have wondered about some people that our lives cross paths with many times. There are certain people we see, almost daily, that could be mafia just because there is no other explanation for how they live. Today, Tyler, Talan, and I ran into the mafia. We were walking into our friend's apartment complex on a very rainy day. We didn't have our umbrella so I told Tyler to go ahead and run up. He was no more than 4 feet ahead of me when I saw a Cadillac pull up, dark tinted windows. Out steps the driver, umbrella in hand, dressed in full suit to the tee. He walks around and lets a larger man out of the back, even more dressed to the tee. The driver proceeds to hold the umbrella for the passenger as he walks crossing our path. Just about that time I think, oh dear, please let Tyler stop. But my stars are never quite that lucky. Tyler ran straight by him. The man grabbed Tyler's arm and told him, "Boy, you go back to your mother!" Tyler quickly ran back like a scolded little school boy, clutching to my leg. The man walked off all important like, the driver looked at me and kind of chuckled. If it was a normal person, I would have given my best fake Boston attitude I could muster up, and told him, no one talks to my son like that. Instead, I gave the driver the best mean Boston face I have, and walked away. I now know the passenger is the owner of that apartment complex building and is known to have possible mafia connections. Who knows?? All I know is, I never want to cross paths with that guy again!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What to do, what to do

What a day, what a day. We took Talan to the doctor yesterday because he has been a devil child that wakes within seconds of being laid down. We thought his double ear infections had returned. I must just state, you have never fully lived your life till you have been a fly on the wall when my two children go to the doctor. It is quite the scene always!!! Talan ended up being perfectly healthy. So, in other words he is what we have now coined as being a "Talan." Matt will call from school and ask how are the kids. I will quickly respond Tyler is bouncing off the walls, and well Talan is being a Talan, which says it all. Since this last doctor appointment, Tyler has become obsessed with listening to every one's heart to make sure they are still alive. We are proud to say not only is, Tyler, Talan, Matt, the unborn baby, and my heart beating, but so is little Tyler's baby in his tummy as well. After making sure we are all fit, Tyler decided it was time for the jumping jacks and healthy workout portion of the day. Matt and Tyler worked out their "man muscles" by doing push ups, jumping jacks, and running around. After, they felt proud of their hard work and wanted to show off, strut their stuff! They modeled several positions in which they tried to show off their huge, massive, bulging man muscles. Although this seems like entertainment enough, as I am making dinner tonight, Tyler comes up to me and says, "Mom I let Talan outside. He wanted to go out so I let him out." As I run, almost trip, down our stairs of death, I find Talan is indeed outside exploring his world triumphantly on his own. A neighbor was curiously stopped outside our house on her way back from walking her dog to our local park. Do you think she thought, I should ring her doorbell? No, why would she? For some reason there is a no contact policy on our street. If you live more than 1 door to the right or the left, there will be no conversation. Even after I ran outside and grabbed my little Talan she continued to stare. To her, I say, stare on lady stare on. So that about sums it up. I don't know that there are words that adequately describe a day in our household. But, I lived through another day.

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's A BOY!!!
We are pleased to announce that we are having another boy. So, I will be the lone girl amongst all the boys. As my father-in-law said to Matt, "At least that means you'll always have sports on. If Megan objects just take a vote!" It looks like my life will be that of hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, ESPN, Nascar, basically any and all sports. At least my sister has 2 girls that I can live vicariously through. She promised trips to let me tag along shopping with her and her girls. Poor Tyler is having a hard excepting the news. Every time we talk about it, he screams no we need a sister. I hope that he will learn to love having 2 brothers instead of just the 1. As for Tyler, his appointment went well today. We are exploring some new options with the doctor and hopefully we will see a big change with him. The doctor said he is hopeful that with time he might out grow his diagnosis. I am also hopeful!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh what do you when church is at 3:30?

I find it really hard to figure out what to do with my kids till it is time to leave for church at 3. So, I tried doing crafts last Sunday which although my children loved it, my house did not. When you have to have your house picked up for therapy on Mondays you start to want to try non craft ideas. We started with finger puppets. Poor little Talan, his finger wasn't big enough to keep the puppet on his finger. I tried sticking 2 fingers in the hole but that didn't work either. Tyler loves the finger puppets. He was running around with the frog saying ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. Then, Tyler wanted an apple. He made such a cute apple face with it. My sweet little Talan got a play vacuum from our friends the Arnold's. He loves it. He pushes the vacuum around non stop all day long. If it really worked, my carpets would never be dirty! We find out what we are having tomorrow. I can't wait!!! It feels like Christmas Eve. Tyler has an appointment tomorrow with a DAN (defeat autism now) doctor. I'm really nervous that it will be a hard appointment for Tyler. Wish us luck!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

Sometimes it feels as though the days fly by and I couldn't tell you why, but we are so busy. Today as we were driving around running arrands I looks at our 2 little boys and thought, I am so lucky to have them. They are getting so big, especially Tyler. We waited so long for him to talk and now that he does, he says the cutest things that just make our hearts melt. Today, he told me that Matt and I were going to have to work harder at being better parents if we wanted to earn Christmas. For me, I need to eat more. For Matt, he must fix his power wheels car so that it once again goes in reverse. I thought it was hillarious. Then, you have Talan who will beat you red with whatever bucket, toy, hand, animal, etc. he can grab and then drop it, and give you the sweetest hug and kiss you ever recieved. His logic being that if he hits he must make amends. I hope that I can remember to slow down every once in awhile. Enjoy the chaos that is always, always going on and remember the years of smearing syrup all over the table, chairs and carpeting will hopefully soon be over.