Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anyone want to bowl with us??

We went bowling the other day with our friends Cindi, Chase and Aiden. My boys LOVE to bowl. It was kind of a last minute decision to go so when we got there the kids were a little wild and crazy. The pure excitement of going to the bowling ally, getting their shoes, and balls was just about to turn into a mothers agony. Kids were running all around, up and down the ally throwing stuffed animals high in the air. Lots of loud is the only correct way to describe it. That is all fine and dandy normally but mixed in the bowling ally with us is a bunch of serious league bowlers who think they are just about God's gift to bowling. Now do you see the problem? I swear I have never felt such annoyance and dare I say hate in the air from people who do not know us. I could tell we were ruining their "sport competition" before we even started to bowl. Now, I am not going to lie, 3 children have kind of put me over my edge at times. I don't know if it is that we had the last 2 so close together or if 3 is just the number for us that makes life difficult but it is near impossible to keep track of all children at all times. I had Trevin glued to my hip and was running around trying to help Tyler, and Talan bowl. Tyler is a great bowler. He really does well and he is at the age that he understands the rules and how to play. Talan is well, besides just being Talan (a menace) he doesn't care. Even if he knows the rules he doesn't quite care enough about them to follow them. So while I was helping Tyler bowl, Talan did what he does best. He caused a scene. He had grabbed a spare bowling ball and threw it down the lane that this league was using. Just to help you picture it, he is little, the ball is heavy so, it is not a quick accident. It was like watching a disaster in slow motion. That ball was probably going a whopping -5 mph. It took at least 1 minute of slow rolling till it hit no pins. I quick started apologizing and scolding of Talan and the people lost it. It was like I had ruined their life. I offered to pay for another game and they would hear nothing of it. Nothing I did could make this problem go away for them. So finally after all solutions offered I walked away. By walking away I mean turning back to the seats directly behind theirs. Thats right, since we were still bowling we were right next to them for the rest of our bowling experience. I could hear them talking about me and us. It made for great fun. So, next time you go bowling, you should look to see if were are anywhere in sight. If we are, run! You don't want to bowl next to the Mower boys of mischief.