Sunday, January 18, 2009

My sister's recipes

My sister started a recipe blog. I feel like she is one of the best cooks I know. Here is a link to her blog if you are ever looking for some recipes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do You Watch Private Practice?

I am a fan of the ABC show Private Practice.  In general I like it.  I just watched their season opener about a family with 3 boys, 1 with autism.  She, did not immunize her 2 younger children for fear of Autism taking over them.  I have had many, many talks about immunizations with parents, friends, families, doctors, therapists, teachers, etc.  I personally feel like immunizations can be great but they can be great in delayed doses.  Give your child a chance to mature before you attack their immune system.  In this show parents like me were severely criticized.  The doctors talked about reporting parents like me to child services.  The show went too far.  It may seem like an easy decision to some but till you see the child you know and love slip away from you, people have no right to judge.  We gambled big with Ty's therapy and treatments and we won big.  We were one of the lucky ones.    I would just like to put it out there to whom ever may read this, parents of children with autism love their children so much.  We are not evil people who are interested in spreading disease.  More often than not, if you see a family with autism in it, the whole family is involved rallying around each other.  Think before you judge.  Think about your little children or your future little children.  How would you feel if your son or daughter sat and lined up their toys without saying a word all day?  What if your child never laughed again, never said I love you.  What if your child didn't care if you were there or not because they stay in their own world.  As a parent we are hardwired to protect your children at all costs.  Until you have had to fight for them you never know what you would or wouldn't do.  Think twice before you judge.  Please.