Saturday, December 1, 2007

Insight into the life of Tyler

I love Christmas time. I look forward to it every year. I love all the music, movies, parties, etc. Tyler has been making a list that is well over a mile long of everything he would like. It is so great because every time he wants something in the store I tell him to put it on his list. I get a get out of buying a toy free card all the time! It is really quite worth it. However, I recently told Tyler that he wouldn't be able to get all the toys because Santa can't bring everything. He immediately asked to talk to Grandma and Grandpa. Once he got them on the phone he so sweet and innocently asked if they could buy him all the toys. I swear he is such a manipulator!!!! This morning we were watching a home video of the boys when they were little. A clip came up of Tyler when he was littler and much more affected by his autism. He told me, Mommy you know why I was so sad there? I said why, he said, "I just wanted to get out of the crib." I know you are probably thinking that he couldn't possibly remember that far back but, believe me when I say my son can. He can remember intricate little details to things that happened years ago. This week he fell and hurt his bum. He asked for milk in a sippy cup. I brought it to him and he dropped his pants. I thought, okay I guess that works. He put the milk on his bum and used it as ice to help with the pain. The next morning Tyler asked me, "Mom you know why I love milk so much?" I said, no honey I don't. He said, "it makes my whole body feel better. It fixed my hurt bum and it makes me happy." If a cup of milk makes my little boy's whole body feel better and help him to feel more like himself than I will never deny him milk. There have been many occasions when I don't understand what is going on with my sweet little boy. I realized this week that with time I will understand him so much better in the years to come. I really look forward to hearing his reasoning. I would love nothing more than to better understand Tyler and help him on his life road. If I can make even one day easier on him I will have succeeded in being his mom. On a lighter note, I made my annual Christmas wreath this week. It was really fun. Talan is starting saying so many words. It is so wonderful to hear him say things like bubble, football, ball, vroom vroom, choo choo. I hope and pray the words continue to pour out of him.