Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How a 5 year old fights dirty

So, yesterday Tyler and I were arguing over doing homework. I know, we shouldn't even be having this fight so early in life. And, I'm sure it will get much much worse before it ever gets better. Tyler has been taught to say exactly how he feels so we can better understand him. A few times this comes back to bite us for instance, when he told his therapist he would not share his crackers because if he did she would get fat. Those are times where you wished he wouldn't verbally express himself quite so well. Well yesterday he was really mad, he was yelling at me and I told him, "Tyler I am so mad at you." Without skipping a beat he said, "Yeah mom, I'm so mad at you and I don't like your hair!" It was so cute to hear him try to add some sort of zest to the fight. I love that both the kids are starting to talk more. The other day Talan and I were walking down the stairs and I started counting them like always and then stopped. Talan continued counting and went from 1 - 11 which he calls Trevin. I was so proud. It is these moments when you think I must do something right every 3rd day or so. Trevin got his first set of ear infections this week. I swear by the end of this fall/winter season I will have had at least 10 ear infections. Maybe I'll keep tab and see if I am right. So far, 2 ear infections only 8 to go. I feel so bad for the little guys especially when they get the doubles because that is just miserable. Life is good for us right now. It is really nice to just coast for a little. I feel like we are getting a chance to live our lives the way everyone should right now.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Start

Today was Tyler's first day of kindergarten. I can't believe what my little guy has accomplished! He was such a little pro going to school today. I couldn't be more proud of who he is and what he has become. I hope and pray everyday that we will be able to keep up with the class and that he will fit right in with everyone. We are starting to see our dreams come true day by day and it is weird. It felt like for so long we put our wants and wishes on the back burner while we finished up dental school. I couldn't tell you how many times we have said, oh it will be so nice to __________ once we have a real job and dental school is over. I know, I know it sounds very vain and materialistic. Well, I know in theory money does not buy happiness. However, when you have so little of it to have steady income start to come in feels like true accomplishment. It is time for us to make our dreams come true.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Matt's Monumental Questions

I spent 6 weeks in officers' boot camp in San Antonio, some of it was tough and some of it was boring. During the time away from family I spent time thinking about them, and I came up with certain scenarios that helped me better define who I was and what was important to me personally. So I started sharing them with friends, and got some good feedback. I will start to place the questions or scenarios on the blog, so stay tuned. Question #1: (This is if you have children). If you were told that you only had 1 month to live; what are the 2 most important qualities or principles you would want to teach or leave with your kids? For example: an answer might be, 1. The importance of Family. 2. The importance of Education. What do you think??