Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Miracles

I finally went back to church this last Sunday, I know its shocking!!!! This was the first time I went to Relief Society in over a year because they released me from primary. They were talking about life's miracles. We have had more miracles happen to us in the last 4 years than we deserve. Yes, if you are having that many miracles it must also mean that you are having that many trials. When asked about what miracles we have had in my life I immediately thought of Tyler. I instantly reverted back to my little boy at age 18 months totally lost, engulfed in his private world, without means to communicate with us. I remember thinking there is something wrong with my little boy and we need to fix it. When we found out it was Autism I was initially shocked as anyone would be when hearing the news. But luckily, both Matt and I were shocked into action, not grief. My miracle came when a girl named Amber showed up at our door and told us how we were going to treat our little boy so that he would live a normal life. When told we would strap him in a chair, and force him to learn for 6 hours a day (ABA therapy), I thought life was more than cruel. When he would cry I would be told to leave the room because he looked to me, instead of the therapist for mercy. As a mother, a father, a family, it just about broke us. But, the miracle came in the fact that we new the therapy was the right thing to do, we could live through it and we did. Sometimes it was one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. The miracle has re-presented its self in the fact that Tyler is going to be able to attend a typical normal functioning kindergarten instead of a special need classroom. Those early years were some of the most difficult years and now I am seeing the miracle of my son everyday. I went to go pick up Tyler from his church classroom and he said, "Here mommy, I made this for you." If you look closely, he wrote Tyler mom all by himself. He drew a picture of me!! Sure, I have 3 arms and at first I had no hair. But, he did it by himself, and it touched my heart. He has become one of my personal miracles. I hope one day he knows that we love him more than anything and we would do anything for him. As we are packing up tonight and our time in Boston is over, I am really feeling bittersweet. Our years here have been at times almost unbearable. But they have made us so strong, so loving towards each other, and they have changed us. We are different people leaving here than when we came. I'd like to think for the better, in some ways for the worse. We joke that we have become Boston when Matt drives, or when the cashier gets a little too friendly and we think just check us out and lets get out. I know Boston will forever be a place we love in our hearts because it is where we became real adults. People who have to struggle, work hard, and rely on each other to get through the hard times. My parents always say they would trade in the struggling years of their marriage because it made them grow. I now know the same, we wouldn't be the Matt and Megan Mower we are today without the trials we have endured and made it through.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trevin Wayne Mower

You may call me Doctor.................

The Boston Duck Tour

The Red Sox No Hitter

The Haircuts that took over

Matt cut the boy's hair. They all had mohawks for a few hours. Tyler didn't want to fix it when the time came. Oh what do you do with boys????

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Matt's Graduation Dinner

Last night was Matt's graduation dinner. I was so stressed out about what to wear I was probably borderline OCD about it. I hate the post baby bod! I really wanted to look nice because all Matt's friends, professors, etc. would be there and I didn't want them to think Matt was married to a whale. After I tried on 5 different outfits we settled on a dress and it worked out ok, not great but ok. So, we sit through a long awards program and the final award of the night is announced. The award is the dean's award for achievement, professionalism, and strength of character. It was given to my one and only Matthew Mower. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. He really deserves it. I can't believe we are done. It really hit home last night as we were watching a movie of the last 4 years how far we have come, and that it is over. I'm sure our life will encounter new challenges, new phases, new stresses but for now I feel like we are book ending Boston. We made it!!! We survived our last 4 years. We are a stronger family, more reliant on each other, and best of all, we are best friends. Even though we are leaving Boston in our eyes Boston will always be where we became who we are as a family.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Power Through

I thought that the biggest transition for me would have been having no kids to having 1 child. I was wrong. I didn't anticipate how big of a change having 2 kids to 3 kids would be for me. I look like a freak show walking around with 3 kids. The other day I had Talan on one hip, the baby carrier on the other arm and I was pushing a crying Tyler with my belly towards the car. If that is not a sight to be seen I don't know what is. I almost feel like a walking contraceptive ad. I seriously don't know how people do it with 10 kids or even 4 for that matter! It seems like those choice people must have extreme patience and endless love. Yesterday Matt was gone for the day and I thought I would get my kids out of the house for awhile. I took them to a mall that had a playground in it. I thought, I am going to be a super mom that doesn't let having 3 kids slow her down. Well, I didn't get slowed down, I think I got crazy. I don't know what had possessed me to think that going to the mall is ever a good idea with kids no matter how many you have. I am pretty sure I gave every parent in that room a show. Just imagine me breast feeding Trevin while running after Talan as he bolts from the room just about every 5 minutes. I don't know what I would do without my hooter hider. It is the best thing I have ever got. Sadly though, I noticed that another child in the room was also named Trevin. I was really hoping that we had picked a unique name and here he is only 3 weeks old and I have already met another Trevin. Seriously, on the whole we are doing really well. The boys are really excepting of Trevin. It could be so much worse if they didn't like him. I feel like our time in Boston is going so fast. The next 2 months are going to be so stressful. I am trying to prepare and get things ready but I have this side of me that thinks things are going to hit the fan come May 16th. Which leads me to my new favorite quote:
In all living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured.