Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Army Ball

The Army is unlike any experience that we have ever had.  We have learned from it and I'm sure our learning curve has yet to peak.  We went to our first ball this last weekend and it was quite the experience.  Matt was tasked with taking care of the General that was attending the ball so basically, he was a servant for the day.  He had to get him drinks, escort him around all day, pick him up from the airport, take him to meetings, pick him up and take him to the ball, etc.  I figure, if he can do all that for the visiting General, he should do it for me.  You know, massages every night, dinner on the table, everything at my beck and call.  Wouldn't that be the life.  Anyways, the ball has a wide variety of people who attend, one girl was I kid you not, wearing her wedding dress.  Another girl, was in something you would see from Target or some store like that.  They had a professional photographer there, it was like a weird prom with people of all ages.  It was fun, definitely an experience to remember. 

Make them work work make them work!

Every time I ask the kids to help with the dishes they fight over who will get to do them.  I figure I should enjoy this period of time and document it because it will be short lived.  I love having them help around the house it makes me feel like I am not totally messing them up!  Although, the other day Tyler asked me if he did chores how much I was going to pay him.  I think I need to work on the doing chores just because we all pitch in around here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monster Truck Jam

We took the kids to the Monster Truck Rally.  It was so fun.  The boys especially Talan wouldn't take their eyes off of the trucks.  It was really exciting for them.  Now Talan and Tyler play monster trucks non stop.  I love watching the boys play together because it makes me feel like the boys are friends.  I would encourage anyone with little kids to take them if it comes to your area.  It was well worth it!