Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trevin Wayne Mower Has Arrived

Matt and I went to the hospital to be induced on April 12th at 8 am. When we got there, I was having some contractions on my own but not enough to make anything happen naturally. So, they gave me a drug and told me to start walking to prepare for the pitocin. In the meantime our nurses started asking about names. Matt and I told them that we would probably pick Breckin or Corbin but we weren't sure. When they heard we had Tyler and Talan they said that we must name the baby a T name. Which seems to be most people's opinion. They were very nice and said that they would be right back with a list of T boy names so that we could pick a new name. Shortly thereafter they brought 15 pages of T names for us to look over! Matt and I looked over them and then he said to me, "Should we just do Trevin?" We had talked about it several times but decided against it. I totally thought he was joking. Matt said, maybe we should just do the T name thing. Just about then the nurses told us to go walk. Matt and I walked, and walked, and walked to try and spark things up on our own. When we returned at 1 they said I had dialated to a 3 and they started the pitocin drip. Every 15 minutes they upped the dosage to get me going. When the nurse asked if she could break my water at 4:30 I said sure. She warned me that things would escalate fast and I said okay. Boy was she right!! I don't know how people gave birth in the olden days. I swear they must have thought they were dying. I asked for the epidural but once they got it there and in place it was too late. I kept telling the nurse I was in a lot of pain and she said give it 5 contractions the epidural will kick in. Well, after those 5 contractions Trevin's head was crowned and we were open for business!!! I swear I have never been in so much pain in my life. All I could think was, how am I going to get out of this. There is no way that I am going to make it through this pain. It only took a few pushes and Trevin popped out at 6:35 pm.

The boys have been so good with him. It is just amazing to me that we have this new addition to our family. Tyler is the best big brother and Talan follows suit to anything Tyler does so we are pretty lucky. I'm sure this is just the honeymoon period and pretty soon Trevin will have trucks drove across his face, and he will be trampled upon. But for now, things are good. We feel so lucky that he came out so healthy and beautifully perfect after our 2 vessel cord scare and my lupus. I can't think of a better way to have been blessed, then by having Trevin come out healthy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The First Versus the Last

When we got pregnant with Tyler everything was exciting!!! I read books, I prepared months in advance, I even put the outlet plugs in the outlets before he was born. Like Tyler would really be able to wiggle over and stick his finger in an outlet when he was 2 days old. We were the boy scouts of parenting. With Talan we were a little less prepared, but we got everything ready in time. We even managed to set up his whole nursery and change the office to a 3rd bedroom. With this last baby, things have changed. You know you are a full time, true blue through and through mom when you are thinking, why do I need so much stuff for a little guy that is basically a blob for a month at least. I mean, does a baby really need a cradle when at least half the time you fall asleep with him in your arms, in a chair, at 2 am after rocking him for what must be at least 6 hours? The other half of the time you fall asleep feeding him in bed or on the couch and then you don't dare more for fear your sleep will be taken away from you. I know the swing, the bouncer, and the car seat are just going to be objects that Talan will manipulate into a climbing device that will allow him access to random objects that he will craftily put together and build some sort of death device. I find myself thinking, do I really want to limit the tiny amount of space we do have with all these things?? Not really. But, what the last child gets that the first never did is 4 people immediately loving you so much. Tyler and Talan sit and talk to the baby in my tummy and give him kisses and hugs everyday. Tyler especially is so cute about the little guy coming out. I think Tyler is probably the most excited of anyone. He is going to be such a great helper. He is already practicing getting the diapers for me and watching Talan in the bath tub for 30 second periods of time. So while the first child get undivided attention, the last gets 4 people's half attention and a whole house of chaos that is surrounded in love. Which would you prefer??

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I feel bad

These last few months have flown by. We have been really busy so I haven't blogged as much. Here is a quick catch up. My mom and little sister came out for a visit and made our dreams come true. For the first time since Ty was 1 Matt and I took a mini adult vacation. We went to New York by ourselves and it was completely wonderful. We went shopping, to the Late Show, Regis and Kelly show, we ate whatever we wanted when we wanted, and most importantly, I got to pee all by myself! We were overdue for some time alone together. It was so wonderful. I can never thank my mom enough for our break. Tyler has become a Wii addict! Seriously, the kid is good. Matt and I have a hard time beating him. He has become a champion. Tyler has had some hard days in school and at home lately. We are hoping it is a phase that any normal 4 year old would go through. Talan put us through an autism scare. We have him tested every 6 months and he tested high functioning autism on his last set of evaluations. Since then, I have been able to have a second evaluation done and it was determined that he does not have autism just a speech delay. We were told that if he can make it to his 2nd birthday without the diagnosis then the chances are he won't get diagnosed. Everyone cross their fingers for us!!! Matt is working his tail off trying to graduate. He has had an extremely busy month. The kids have really missed having him around. One night Tyler had decided he had, had enough and told me, "Mom I'm not going to bed till dad comes home and kisses me goodnight." I hope he forgets the long days without his dad in the years to come. Right now he is just too young to understand that Matt is doing what is best for us. I am starting to look like a beached whale so, hopefully this baby will pop out at any second! Hopefully that should catch you up on everything Mower.

From One Extreme to Another..................

All my boys have lost their minds and their hair!!! Matt let Tyler take a pair of scissors to his head before we shaved it. So, watch out, if Tyler comes near you with scissors chances are he is going to give you a hair cut as well. Talan sat like a champ loving every minute of getting his hair cut. Tyler sat for about 2 minutes before asking over and over and over again if I was done yet. I think our new baby is going to have more hair than all 3 of them put together! Hopefully that baby decides to come out soon. Matt got his official orders to that have us reporting to Colorado Springs. We are really excited for our move. Hopefully we'll find a cute house with a big fenced in backyard that I can send my little devil children out to play in. Today I was cooking dinner. I turned on the oven to pre-heat it. After 10 minutes I heard an explosion. Its never a good sign when you hear an explosion coming from the stove/oven area while you have gas flames already lit. I slowly opened up the oven terrified I was going to see a raging fire. No, no, my little Talan had put a diet pepsi in the oven and it exploded. There is nothing Talan cannot open or get into. I told Ty's therapist today that I was almost looking forward to giving birth just for the break I would get from the kids for a day or two. I'm beginning to see that not only do the kids have 5 times more energy they also out number me. Its going to be an interesting summer with Matt gone at boot camp.