Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mommy Vacation

I didn't write about my mommy vacation but I thought I should now. I had looked forward to this trip for at least 1 year. Every moment when I thought I just might loose it I thought, its okay I am going to visit my parents all by myself for 5 days. Just knowing that one day relief from life was coming helped me get through each day. When the time finally came it was better than even expected. I slept!!! I slept till at least 11:30 one day. It was truly amazing. We shopped, we ate (at really really nice restaurants), we went to see Grease and met Taylor Hicks, we shopped some more, we sat in the jacuzzi, we did what we wanted when we wanted. I can never thank my parents enough for my vacation from reality. They just might have saved me from loosing my mind. I am so glad that we all got together for our little girls + dad trip. I recommend it to all!

We went to Idaho (swan valley) for the 4th of July which is also Talan's birthday. We had a lot of fun. The boys love riding their dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. It was definitely a fun filled weekend for all. We had few mishaps which is odd for us. Usually all of our trips are full of mishaps and multiple problems. Its actually a wonder we ever leave the house. Last time we took the trailer and 4 wheelers out Matt lost the keys to the trailer which lead to going into town for bolt cutters. I hope one day we will be able to look back and think all these happenstances are funny! Anyways, Talan turned 3!!! I can't believe my little Talan is growing up. We all wore our army gear for the 4th to show our pride in America. Tyler looked like a little military man in his army garb while shooting his water gun. Talan was so excited for his presents the anticipation has been building for weeks. So when it came time to open presents I though he would be so excited over his much anticipated power glide scooter. No, no, he showed the most excitement over the card his Grandparents gave him which played music when opened and a chap stick we gave him. Why is it that the dumbest of things always captures the most emphasis?? Anyways, the kids loved the fireworks. I do to. I think there is something super special about fireworks. Oh well, a new day, a new dollar as my dad says. Back to real life.